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Mooder’s mission is to empower everyone with a personal platform to voice their emotions and connect with others who understand.

Mooder’s mission is to empower everyone with a personal platform to voice their emotions and connect with others who understand.

About us

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Human rationality depends critically on sophisticated emotionality. It is only because our emotional brain works so well that our reasoning can work at all.

Johnathan Haidt The Happiness Hypothesis

As humans, we are blessed with an amazing inner voice we call emotions. It is the invisible hand driving our actions, it is what speaks for our souls, and it is what makes us human. We are what we feel.

Although we are hardly inept at knowing what we are feeling, we have always been limited by the opportunities to communicate our emotions. Until a friend asks us “are you okay?”, we are very unlikely to open up and spill our guts. With the advent of digital communication that is replacing face-to-face conversations, we are are living at a time where we have never been more short of viable contexts to tell or even hint at others how we feel.

Emotions are meant to be communicated. Not only do we wish to verbalize our own feelings, we also desire to be aware of the emotions from those around us. Emotion is social.

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Social networking is undoubtedly one of the most impactful technologies of our time. It revolutionized how we connect with others, how we share our thoughts and even the way we keep up to date with the events around us. However as social networks continue to evolve, they are starting to leave behind a void. We’ve seen how they evolved from the personal narrative that they started out with to become sensational content sharing platforms, how they became one-way channels for celebrities and politicians to project their views and opinions to the masses and how they now run on clickbaits, knee-jerk reactions, trolling, bullying, narcissism and endless social validation.

Social media today is broken. Instead of connection, it is driving disconnection. Instead of being personal, it has become impersonal. More than anything, it does not cater to the sensitive context that emotional expression needs.

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Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than self-obsessed individuals.

Neil Gaiman

Empathy is what bridges our emotions and enable authentic connection. The social media as we know it, is no place for empathy.

Studies have shown that present social networks make us sadder than we ought to be. This is because people only share overly positive emotions online, harboring the illusion that everyone around us are leading better lives than us, so much so that when we experience sadness, and we will, we are led to believe we are alone in our sorrow. Despite recent attempts to infuse emotions into social networks, they were found to trivialize emotions instead of actually providing a permissible context for emotions to be safely expressed. We have yet to see online mechanisms which facilitates empathy.

This is why we’ve set out to build mooder, a simply better social network. At mooder, we strive to challenge the status quo by creating a permissible context for emotional expression and awareness — The freedom of emotion.

We are the world’s first empathy-driven social network. Every action on mooder drives the vehicle for empathy. We are taking a novel approach in facilitating friendships online: Users discover and connect with one another other based on shared emotions and experiences.

We are also the first to propose a new type of online tagging using the ~ tilde to succinctly capture the words describing our feelings.

Mooder is your emotional narrative, where you could express your emotions anywhere, anytime and connect with those who feel like you do.

Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and who matter don't mind.

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat

This isn’t so much about us, it’s really about you!

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